Business Software Apps Involving Zero Infrastructure. Managed Software Services provides your company with the Hardware and ALL of the Software, and Licenses that your company needs, at about 40% of what it would cost you to do yourself.

We Install and manage software like MSOffice 2010, Quickbooks, and whatever other software that your company needs on a CLOUD Platform, enabling you to get down to business immediately.

We offer ongoing management, support and maintenance of your entire technical infrastructure, as well as staffing, strategic, and tactical business initiatives, THIS INCLUDES BACKUPS and FREE UPGRADES.

A TEAM is assigned to your needs. Depending on your level of Service agreement this can include working with you & attending scheduled, and ad-hoc meetings to discuss your IT needs, or any issues that you are having!
Our managed services offering is simple and easy to understand-We offer stable, reliable and guaranteed (IT) technology software solutions at a predictable monthly fee.
Our service offering comprises all of the tasks, duties and responsibilities performed by an in-house Information Technology (IT) department-the difference is that we offer a savings of greater than 40% when compared to traditional approaches.

Less downtime, Faster Problem Resolution, 24 Hour Support

Help Desk & End-User Support
Help Desk and End-User Support specialists on-call to answer your questions. You also have your Team to turn to in addition to the Help Desk.

24 hour Support

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BizApp will have you up and running within 24 hours*. We recommend Microsoft Office to take care of all of your Document management functions immediately. we will then work with you to assist in the selection of which business products will work best for your company!

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* Customized solutions may take longer than 24 hours.

Flexible Terms

Flexible Terms of Use
No long term contracts to sign. Our programs offer you the flexibility to cancel anytime. Our offers also give you the ability to expand or reduce the level of service that your company demands.

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Purchases of Hardware, & Software LIcense Capital Expenditure, take 5 years to amortize. Our Managed Software Services are an operating expense and as such, Instantly TAX DEDUCTABLE!


24 Hour Support
Constant Monitoring, Backup & a Full complement of Support Staff mean that problems are resolved quicker!


Affordable Pricing
Virtually no upfront investment on your end, and you can choose which programs works best for your company
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Mr. Carl Fusch

Mudrutz Inc.

BizApp has played a major role in many of our clients successes, by getting them set up with a virtual office, and providing the software and hardware infrastructure that they need to get their businesses up and running in a SINGLE DAY!!

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